The Resurgence of the US Textile Industry

Posted by Rede Wilson on Jun 27, 2018 3:38:12 PM
Rede Wilson

The US Textile Industry is making a comeback.  After decades that have seen companies merge with competitors just to stay alive, or in the worst case, close their doors for good, US textile manufacturers have customers that are bringing programs back from Asia for domestic production.

Yes, the costs of manufacturing are increasing in China and surrounding countries.  But that is not nearly the crux of the problem.  Today, in the retail arena of the US, speed-to-market is essential.  Retailers need to have the correct inventory in place for their customers and they need to be able to quickly replenish hot-selling styles.  A manufacturing base in Asia makes this challenge extremely difficulty to meet.

For some time, the survivors in the US textile manufacturing arena have remained viable byUrethane Foam Auxiliaries offering innovative products and concepts at competitive costs.  From a service standpoint, rapid response has been the battle cry of a US industry struggling to prevent extinction.

And now the tide is turning.  The pendulum is swinging back in the direction of the United States, along with the whole of North America and parts of Central America.  The question is who will be ready to gear up to participate and service this resurgence of our industry?

Piedmont Chemical Industries was founded in 1938 to service the textile industry.  Eighty years later, we are one of the few chemical manufacturers remaining with a core competency in textile chemicals.

Headquartered in High Point, NC, Piedmont Chemical Industries manufactures a wide array of textile chemicals to address every area of wet processing of fiber, yarn, or fabric.  Our staff of highly competent scientists and technicians routinely service the North and Central American textile industry.

Piedmont Chemical Industries has built our business through customization, innovation, and rapid response. How can we put our resources to work for you?



Piedmont Chemical Industries has products for use in Preparation, Dyeing, Finishing, and Machine Cleaning.


Piedmont Chemical Industries Textile Product Groups:





Fixing Agents

Leveling Agents, Nylon

Leveling Agents, Polyester

Lubricants, Dyebath

Machine Cleaners

Reducing Agents

Scouring Agents


Soil Release

Water Repellants

Wetting Agents

Wicking Finishes


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