Work with Nylon? You need to know about Pomoco B3410C.

Posted by Piedmont Chemical on Aug 8, 2018 3:25:35 PM
Unsurpassed wicking performance on nylon.

It took us dozens of tries to get it exactly right, but when we did, we were left with a finish for nylon that has wicking performance and durability unsurpassed by any other in the industry.  

Launched over 10 years ago, Pomoco B3410C is a wicking finish for nylon fabric based on a proprietary polyamide polymer developed by Piedmont Chemical Industries that is now used by leaders in nylon manufacturing all over the world. 

How it works: A Proprietary Polymer

Pomoco B3410C is a single-component finish supplied as a colloidal dispersion, and has an extremely high affinity for nylon (polyamide) fibers at elevated temperatures.  Once it has exhausted onto the nylon fiber, Pomoco B3410C dramatically enhances capillary action along the fiber, rendering it extremely hydrophilic.  The newly-hydrophilic fiber will wick moisture along its length, giving the fiber a perceived dry feel, even when moisture is present. Because the polymer is synthesized at Piedmont Chemical Industries, we are able to provide a great value to our customers compared to competitve products. 

Ridiculous Durability 

Since Pomoco B3410C is durable past 50 home launderings, there's a good chance it will outlast the garment. B3410C Wicking to 50 launderings


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